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When I used to be just a young kid - I was always thinking about this one goal of mine that I wanted to achieve before I’m 18 years old. That’s to already have my own, running project/company that I know I’ll be able to work on for the next few years. I always thought that it’ll be some kind of a super innovative, fresh startup with thousands of dollars raised in funding. I guess I even had some cool ideas that would have maybe actually worked, but no one’s gonna fund a 16-year-old kid that comes to a room with a .sketch MVP, no team at all and some basic business canvas of a free generator. I was pretty good in developing websites though, I also knew how to take pictures + edit them and in 2017 I got pretty good in digital marketing. So I combined those 3 things and created arkun.xyz. I created the website in like 2 days, ran some Facebook ads and it worked. So I made some money over summer but I had to get done with it after few months (because of my new school). Then, after some time “doing nothing” I got this idea about rebranding Arkun and getting more serious about it after I reach 18. So that’s where PalmMedia was born.

one of the instagram posts

The main difference between Arkun and PalmMedia is definitely the level of professionalism. Arkun was meant to be this fresh, non-formal group of young people that workes for companies with a low budget. PalmMedia is something totally different. I want it to feel new and fresh but at the same time reliable, perfectionist and professional. It’s definitely prepared to be scaled after some time (at least from the branding side). It’s also not going to be mainly just about web development - I would like to produce way more content (product photography, copywriting, video production), market it somewhere and additionally make a website to it… To be honest, Basic Agency was a huge inspiration for me in terms of branding and services - so some things we’ll do are definitely gonna overlap. I would also like to get more people involved with the project - there’s no way I can do all of these services perfect just by myself.

So yea, let’s see how it goes :) So far I’m pretty excited about it. In the meantime, you can check out PalmMedia’s Instagram account - I post there daily & TW