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2018 was lit, plan for 2019


Ok, 2018 is over… for almost 2 weeks already… I know, I’m a bit late with this blog post.

Right now I’m writing this from Kokut/Kokot)) island in Thailand, which is a place where I’m spending my last week of vacation before coming back to reality. It’s a place with virtually unlimited amount of food, alcohol, opportunities to take IG pictures but most importantly free time. After all the chaos in the last 3 months, I feel like I finally have some time to reflect and plan for the future - and that’s exactly what I did. Please think about this post more like my own reminder/framework/strategy for 2019. Something that I can come back to when things get out of control. I thought it would be a good idea to give it this blog-like form so you guys can also see what I’m planning for this year. First I’d like to start with a summary of 2018. I’ll share some things I think I did right and also the things I fucked up. Then I’d like to focus purely on 2019. That part will be divided into another 2, smaller parts. The 1st one is going to be more philosophical, deep and is supposed to outline my vision for the year. It shouldn’t be nothing concrete, just some principles I’d like to stick to. I have a feeling it’ll get pretty deep. The second part is pure data. Concrete goals, lists and plans for the future (I may also adjust these along the way) - pretty much the same as the impossible list I did last year. I hope this will help me to get some clarity on my life and also create a framework that I can really stick to, in case I’ll get lost along the way. Yes, I really like this personal development stuff. Is it gonna help me in the future? Who knows? New Year’s resolutions are awesome and 2019 is already a big year for me - so why not make a kickass plan for it?


Oh man. The best year of my life, and I mean it… The only bad thing about it is that I don’t remember its beginning 😅

It started with a Christmas break in my home country Czech Republic. I met up with my friends and family, went on a ski trip and then flew back to Maine, USA to continue with my high school. At the time I already had a clear vision of PalmMedia, I had the website ready, a business plan written and all the necessary skills. I also had some side projects at the time. PalmReality was one of them. It was supposed to be a packaged service for real estate companies but I ended up dropping it. It was just too much of a burden. (it has a nice IG though - with a domain name. I’m selling it for 100€). I also made my first Alexa skill, my first podcast and in general educated myself a lot about voice platforms. To be honest, when I started podcasting I was super fckn scared. I don’t even know what it was but it got to a point where I had to record my first episode in my bed, under a blanket. But I stayed at it and made over 30 episodes this year - I’m super proud of it. It definitely made me more confident, smarter and more articulate person. I also started my own YT channel but I honestly cannot say I like it at the moment - something has to change. At the time I was also the biggest GYM rat on the campus - I was always overtrained, hurt, loosing skin on my hands… it was awesome. I went from 77kg to 83kg in 5 months. It really felt great and I’d like to establish some insane workout routine like that so I can replicate such feeling (like falling asleep at 7pm after 4 hours of working out with a protein bar in my mouth and Joe Rogan in my ears - fucking aesthetic).

2018 was also a year of having fun, and man.. I think about the sh*t we did every other day. There is a lot of stuff I’d rather not talk about but trust me, I’ve had some crazy moments with my Gs in Maine. I also went on a trip to LA on a spring break which was great - a lot of great memories were made there as well as new friends. I made so many lifelong memories over in the USA and I’ll never forget that. That one is a huge contributor to the fact that 2018 is my best year yet. I’ll definitely have to meet some of these people again in 2019.

Overall, school was ok - I learned some new skills like economics (I got awarded for that 🥇), public speaking (I still have to work on that though) and most importantly English. After I graduated from high school I flew back to the Czech Republic. Right from the beginning, my plan was to start working on PalmMedia like a madman as soon as I come back. And that’s exactly what I started doing. On the same day as I arrived back home I recorded a video for Dan Tržil (at the time the biggest Czech podcaster) and asked him if he would be interested in my services - he said yes! I was still working alone at the time. In the beginning, I mostly did some post-production stuff for him and some basic marketing consultations. I tried to follow some of the practices I saw foreign podcasters doing and it seemed working great. Along the way, I gained and lost some clients and experimented a lot. I’ll fast forward to a moment when Dan introduced me to David Kolář (Czech business influencer) that ended up being my next core client. By that time I slowly moved away from website development and photography and started focusing purely on marketing. I think I found my niche in business/marketing content. I do really enjoy that stuff.

During the summer break, I met up with my old friends, made some new ones and tried to spend more time with my fam. I went to the Netherlands 🇳🇱 and Ukraine 🇺🇦 to ride ATVs. I also made my drivers license for a car and a motorcycle. I played golf, grew long hair, partied… it was just GREAT. You can’t believe how grateful it makes me feel.

And then my old high-school started (even though I already graduated, pff). I think that was also the moment I became even more serious about my goals. I started experiencing with Keto diet, I was meditating regularly (all year actually), I was working up to 40h a week (after school) and I was exercising 6 days a week. I honestly felt better than ever. I became pretty ripped after all that keto, my self-esteem skyrocketed with the money I was bringing in, I still spend time with my friends in school and I slept 8h every night… It was just the right balance between my discipline and some healthy chaos in my life (Dublin trip is a perfect example of it haha). But I got used to it real quick. I started being really ambitious and wanted to do even more - all while having to do my biology homework every day. School just wasn’t my priority at the time, it never has been.

I started working on many new projects (at once) - it’s a lot of them, I’m not even gonna name them for you.. sorry. I also met some great new people at a startup weekend I attended and my initial client work started being even more demanding. It got to a point where I had to hire 3 people to help me manage it. And again, I LOVED IT. I loved every second of waking up at 4:30am so I can have a quick skype meeting before school, of these sleepless nights while creating Trello processes for my team, and many more. I don’t know if it’s weird but I really enjoy the struggle. The only thing I hated about my life at the time was my school - you just can’t outsource that shit. I was literally fighting for every minute of my day to spend it productively. And then there was this institution that kept taking me 8h a day and was supposed to do the same for another 2 years - just so I can get a useless high school degree that I already have - how ridiculous is that? But my parents were pretty clear about it - “there’s no way you’re leaving school”. So I continued with my lifestyle and it didn’t take a long time after I burned out (something like 3 months). I ended up losing sleep, not spending enough time with my friends or fam, totally pounding school, failed to diet and meditate properly, etc. I had to change something.

I went to my parents with the idea to drop out of high school, to take a gap year, i don’t know just to get the fck out. I was such a waste of time for me. I really don’t wanna sound fancy but it’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the social part of it but that’s about it… the thought of becoming someone like my teachers scared the sh*t out of me and while everyone was learning some, idk, testosterone levels in amazonian leaves, I just thought about the stuff I could be doing instead. At first, my folks were super against it but after some time they agreed that I can try to get nostrification certificate. It’s basically a thing that approves your foreign education for a Czech educational system. So in order to stop that madness, I just had to pass this crazy hard graduation test from Geography and Math (worst subjects possible FYI). I was so scared that I’d fail, so scared that I’d have to go to school again - I ended up calling my clients and told them we need to stop working together at the moment. They weren’t happy at all, me neither. But I had a clear objective to accomplish. I did nothing but study for a month and made the test with straight As. That felt great.

After that nothing really changed. I got pretty into running - half marathon is an OK run for me now. I also cut my hair, started working on some personal projects, went on a skiing trip and celebrated Christmas with my fam. Right after that, I went to Thailand 🇹🇭 - that’s where I am right now.

So yea… I’d say 2018 was just a perfect warmup for 2019. There are no longer any excuses available. I don’t have any responsibilities - I still live with my parents, no school, no GF, no mortgage… just a lot of free time. I’d say the biggest fuckup of 2018 was definitely the burnout. It should’ve happened like this - it was easily avoidable and it not only cost me but also my clients’ money. I also feel like I still haven’t done anything meaningful since I’ve done that test. I’ve been procrastinating and lazy to execute some pretty cool idea. I hate that part of me. If you’d ask me about my biggest win of 2018 - I know it’s cliche but I’d probably say it’s the people I met and my increased self-esteem. I think wouldn’t be able to share a post like this a year ago and I’m super grateful for all of this.


New year, reset, how cool is that? I think this year should be THE year for me. I’d really love to be finally recognized, I’d really like to prove myself, my skills. As I said earlier there are no longer any excuses available and I’ll try to do my best to squeeze everything from the next 365 days. I mean what else am I supposed to do? - I keep having this talk with myself, sometimes with strangers on the internet and I really don’t wanna become the next Dillon Danis (ufc reference). Less talk, more action this year.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing from me 😅 quite the opposite in fact. I’m taking my personal brand even more seriously this year. So you’ll see me posting even more - even the weird sh*t. One thing I learned in the past year is that authenticity is way more important than seeking approval. That’s a thing that, I’d say, really held me back in many aspects of my life and my personal brand is one of them. With that understanding, I’ll hopefully meet even more like-minded people this year - both in real life and on the internet. I want these people to be aware of what I’m up to, mainly because I firmly believe that it leads to a lot of new opportunities. The content needs to be to be less polished though, more raw, more authentic, more frequent and more available. I see a big potential in my podcasts and my YouTube channel. In the future, I’d like to document even more of my life, entirely in English (which is still a kinda big challenge for me).

Let’s talk about my work for a bit (you knew it was coming). I’m gonna focus heavily on growing PalmMedia this year. I’m still super excited and still believe it has huge potential - especially in the Czech Republic. The hardest part is going to be building its brand. I want everyone to know what PM is about. I want some great new clients so I can finally utilize all the things I have in store. It’s going to be big one day and I can’t wait. As soon as I come back home, I’ll start building a new team from scratch. That combined with some new projects, I worked on earlier, will surely put PM in a great position long-term. Let me give you a few clues: a lot of podcast stuff, branding packages - I mean we could build a freaking Barstool Sports from a boring VC fund. I’m super excited.

Building some healthy habits is also gonna be one of my main focuses this year. Right of the start, I’ll try to make everyone think I’m getting insane with my workout routine. Running, regular gym, swimming - I’ll do it all, a lot. Later in 2018 I kinda failed with my attempt to bulk up to 90kg. I gained a lot of unnecessary fat that I’ll try to lose as soon as possible. After that, I’ll try to stick to my regular weightlifting routine combined with some endurance elements. I’ll definitely run a marathon this year, maybe I’ll try a triathlon as well. Hopefully, I’ll do another keto month and besides that, I’d like to stick to some healthy (50% carb) diet. I also want to visit sauna more often as well as taking more cold showers. Meditation is a must this year (considering I already paid Headspace’s subscription for the whole year).

Another thing I feel like I should work on in 2019 is my social life 😅 haha. No really, now that I won’t be going to school regularly anymore I guess I’ll intentionally have to schedule some social time into my agenda. I really like my friends and I don’t want to lose them so keeping those relationships alive should be my priority number 1. I also don’t have any GF at the moment so being more open to that kinda relationship shouldn’t hurt (I meant “send me nudes”).

It’ll be super interesting to see how I’m gonna be doing this year. For the first time of my life there won’t be any structure to keep me in course… but isn’t that’s the exciting part? Beating 2018 surely isn’t going to be easy 👌🏻

These are some other things I’d like to do in 2019:

the plan

My daily routine

The content connected to my personality

Short-term goals


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