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what is lanistae?


Basically, Lanistae was a project I created to show off on. When I was 16, I really wanted to have my own startup. I’ve done a lot of apps, websites or these other small projects in the past but it was either just a short experiment, I worked on for a few weeks, or a client’s order.

At first, I wanted Lanistae to be a place where golfers can meet some other (more experienced) golfers who can make their swing better. Having a golf coach is really expensive these days and at every golf club, there are just so many golfers that can get the job done just fine or even perfect for a really low price. It was like an Uber of golf coaches (everyone’s uber of something these days :D). So I started to research this thing, ways to market it, target customers, how big it could be… then I did this basic MVP prototype on my phone and it looked amazing! I got me thinking that focusing just on golf might not be the best idea - mainly because you can find these “really experienced amateurs” in almost every sport. For example weightlifting, tennis, bowling, etc. - it doesn’t matter. So I included all of those and made it universal. Than I started coding the web app with the idea that it would be monetized by google ads and paid promotions of some profiles (to make them stand out).

From the very beginning, I wanted this to be my signature project - I wanted to design everything by myself, market it, do all the copywriting and code it without any external stuff that would make the process easier. And I guess did it good (considering my age). It took me few months, I had to redo the whole front-end once which was a pain in the ass, program all the back-end monetizing system even though I didn’t end up using it (legal reasons) and I got in touch with almost every sports coach in my country. Looking back I would say that I would do a lot of things differently - not just on the technical side but the ways I interacted with people or pivoted the idea. But overall I think that this project pushed me really far outside of my comfort zone, almost more than anything in my life to that point, in terms of work ethic and patience with my own thoughts.

The hardest thing was definitely designing my own search engine algorithm specifically for my own SQL database… I almost died but it’s perfect </3 #nerdlife


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  • what is lanistae?


    Basically, Lanistae was a project I created to show off on. When I was 16, I really wanted to have my own startup. I’ve done a lot of apps, websites...

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